The Com-bit™

Com-bit is a new external "call light" for the Clear-Com® intercom system. When attached inline with any part of the system, the Com-bit will light up when the "call light" button is pressed anywhere in the system.

Easier Viewing

Originally designed for sound board operators who would rather hear the sound in the room than wear a headset, the Com-bit can be "dasiy-chained" from the operator's headset belt pack and then placed in his or her field of view, over the back of the sound board, attached to a wireless mic antenna, anywhere the operator can see the Com-bit and know the "call light" is being flashed.

"No" maintenance

The Com-bit uses no batteries, it runs off the power of the headset system, and it uses an LED light source, that will run for years, and never need to be replaced. The device is housed in a very durable casing and should survive years of abuse.

Suggested uses

Sound Board operators, Dimmer rack supervisors, House Managers, Slide projector operators. Anyone who needs to see the "call light" or needs a signal and doesn't need to respond.